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Glass Door Hardware in and around Orlando

door hardwareGlass door hardware has to be both durable and properly installed for these attractive entryways to operate safely. While glass may look light, even 1/8 inch thick glass can weigh more than a pound per square foot. For a standard 8 ft. x 3 ft. door, this means you can have around 25 lbs. of glass. Depending on the glass composition, some doors of the same size have more than 100 lbs. of glass. Without properly installed hinges, frames and other hardware, these doors can be difficult to open or even dangerous if they break. When you are looking for a glass contractor to correctly install your doors, turn to Door and Glass. Our staff consists entirely of skilled glaziers with years of experience working with interior and exterior glass doors. We understand the difficulties and dangers associated with all types of doors, whether it is a modern frameless door at an office building in Orlando or a sliding door at a home in Orlando. No matter what type of glass door or hardware you need repaired, you can count on our staff to get it swinging, sliding or rotating effortlessly.

Concerned about quality? At Door and Glass Services Company, we use glass and door hardware from only the most trustworthy brands, including:

  • Guardian
  • Old Castle
  • PPG
  • Techno Glass
  • Trulite
  • Viracon
  • And more

All door hardware eventually wears out, but with our quality products and professional services you can count on our work to last for years. We offer an unconditional one-year workmanship warranty on all of our work. If our repairs or installations fail to keep your door working smoothly for any reason, we will immediately repair it at no additional cost. When combined with the manufacturer warranties, you can feel confident your purchase is well protected. For more information about our residential and commercial glass door hardware, contact us today. We are happy to install and repair glass doors in Orlando.